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Last updated 2/17/19

Hello, fellow cycler and bike rider,

This website is for you if you want to know more about riding your bike in Johnson County Indiana. The site is maintained and ran by cycling lovers who want to spread our love of riding bikes in Greenwood, Franklin, and Whiteland Indiana. Our goal is to provide you with unique, relevant and useful information about cycling in our beautiful part of the world.

Topics covered in Cycling Johnson County:

  • Where you can ride your bike (maps of trails in your town)
  • Where you can eat while on a bike ride (hop off the bike and grab some dinner!)
  • Helpful cycling tips (for beginners to get riding in no time)
  • And more to come as the cycling season in Indiana approaches

Cycling Johnson County has the vision of bringing you the most accurate and updated trails that are personally tested by dedicated cyclists who live in Johnson County Indiana.

The trails posted are tested for safety and smoothness.

What we look for when testing how safe a trail is:

  • Is it away from the road?
  • Is it on a dedicated bike or walking trail?
  • Does it avoid crossing major streets?
  • When you do cross a major street, is it at a 4-way stop or stoplight?
  • Do the trails avoid dangers with other pedestrians?
  • If the trail is on the road, is vehicle traffic limited?

For each question, we maximized the result of a favorable outcome with you in mind. With each trail, there is a quick review with more safety tips written by the rider.

Another priority is to test for trail smoothness.

What we look for when testing how smooth the trail is:

  • Is it a dedicated bike or walking trail?
  • Do the different sections of the trail flow together smoothly? (we pieced together a route to get the longest stretches of open trail as possible)
  • Is the trail pavement easy on the body? (aiming to limit shakiness, bumps, and cracks)

Again, for each ride, the rider will post a review of their best tips for the trail.

CJC is here to be the hub for all things cycling in your town.

We want to hear your stories as well. The site was started with the aim to spread knowledge and build the cycling culture in Johnson County Indiana.

As we expand the CJC culture, we want your help to start a movement to increase cycling awareness. We want you to get out and ride as much as you can in the summer of 2019. And as you become a better person through the lessons that cycling teaches you, we want you to spread your wisdom and passion to your loved ones!

Now that you know what we’re about here at Cycling Johnson County, go pick one of our trails, and find out what you’re capable of tomorrow. Most of all, have fun! See you out there!