Where to park during your bike ride – Greenwood edition

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Greenwood offers several local parks to safely park your car at for free.

Where In Greenwood Indiana To Start Your Bike Ride:

  • Craig Park
  • Freedom Park
  • The Clark Pleasant Intermediate School / Middle School
  • Summerfield Park
  • The City lot just east of Highway 31 on Worthsville Road

The above locations give you direct access to a bike trail right from the parking lot.

If your house doesn’t offer a safe spot to depart on your bike ride then loading your bike up on a bike rack and hauling it over to the local park is the next best thing.

In order for a park to be considered on this list, it had to meet these requirements:

  • Free and safe parking
  • A bike trail in the park to safely depart from


Craig Park

Enter right off Main street, between the fire station and the train tracks. From here, you can park at the Greenwood Community Center which will be on your right-hand side. You can keep driving straight past the softball fields and park near the south end of the park.

There is also a small (busier) parking lot located right off Smith Valley that offers you direct access to the Craig Park trail.

From there you can depart on the well-paved Craig Park trail, which then offers you many options to restaurants or places to sit and enjoy the natural amenities the park has to offer.

You can enjoy a shorter ride or you can make your way across town to Freedom Park and back.

Freedom Park

Entrance to the park is at Stop 18 and Averritt Road. There are two entrances, but the main one is at the four-way stop.

From there, you are limited to the food found inside the Freedom Park Aquatics Park. But you do have access to the beautiful paved bike trail of Freedom Park.

From there you can enjoy a leisurely ride around the park and enjoy the liveliness of the space or you can depart on your long distance ride and make it up to Craig Park.

Clark Pleasant Intermediate School and Middle School

Located off Worthsville Road and Sheek Road.

This is the most eastern part of the trail system in Greenwood. From here, you have access to the Craig Park trails and the Freedom Park trails.

Woodman Park

Located off Smith Valley, on Ashmore drive. It’s positioned adjacent to the Greenwood High School.

From Woodman Park, you are situated in the middle of Freedom Park and Craig Park.

It would be a great place to park if you want to go on a medium distance ride.

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