Where to eat on your bike ride – Greenwood edition

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The critical question that always needs answering.

What’s for dinner?

It’s too tough of a decision on where to eat dinner at, especially if you plan to ride your bike there.

Luckily, if you plan your dinner date around your bike ride, there are several options for you.

It happens to the best of us. Whether your hunger hits you mid-bike ride like running over a pot-hole or you plan your entire ride around where you’re going for lunch, here are the top places to eat in Greenwood that facilitate cyclists.

To make this list, the restaurant had to meet the following criteria:

  • Outside seating
  • Easy access from bike trails (no crossing major streets)

As a cyclist that’s all we need to roll up, hop off the saddle, find a table and enjoy a nice meal with great company.

Next time you’re on your ride, try one of these restaurants out.

Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza

It’s cheesy, saucy, delicious pizza (and much more), what more do we need to talk about here?

Yes, there’s a bar.

The Revery

“It is Revery’s goal to offer its guests a place to explore an affordable progressive American style cuisine, without the hassle of driving into downtown Indianapolis. Revery is a locally owned and operated restaurant serving dinner and Sunday brunch.” – from their website

Alcohol friendly.

Mrs. Curl Ice Cream Shop

Mrs. Curl has been a staple in the heart of Greenwood for over 40 years now. Family friendly place of eating, no alcohol, no indoor seating.

La Trattoria

Pasta? Steak? Drinks? Wine not?

Vino Villa

“Vino Villa offers from scratch and chef-driven menu options ranging from small plates and sharable appetizers to pizzas, hearty entrees, and delectable desserts…..We offer our customers an exquisite selection of wines from around the world. Our diverse selection of wines both by the glass or bottle will satisfy every wine lover’s palate and wallet.” – from their website


Traveling to dinner by bike is a thrilling experience. You feel like a tourist in your own city. But you do need to take several items with you for a nice trip out on the town.

  1. Your phone, keys, wallet. The big three. Place them in your saddlebag
  2. Bike basket for leftovers. Riding a bike doesn’t mean you have to eat all of your food or throw it away
  3. A helmet is a no brainer, pun intended
  4. Check your tire pressure before you leave

Did I leave your go-to restaurant off the list?

Email me and let me know at lefeverssj@gmail.com


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