How to prepare for your bike ride – For the beginners

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If you’re new to cycling, preparation is key to having a fun, safe and comfortable bike ride.

Right now your routine probably goes something like this:

  • You get home from work or wake up first thing in the morning
  • You shuffle through your dresser to find your spandex
  • You pull apart hangers, look in the dirty clothes, and check the dryer for your favorite shirt
  • Your headphones are not in the usual spot
  • You forgot that your water bottle is in the car
  • Your phone is almost dead
  • Your keys and wallet are nowhere in sight
  • Your bike is buried behind the trash can and several other miscellaneous items

Do you see where we’re going with this?

By the time you take off, you are stressed-out and have wasted 20 minutes just getting ready!

Follow these easy steps to not only save you time but to keep you from pulling your hair out.

The essentials:

  • Two cold water bottles, full and in the fridge, get separate bottles just for biking
  • Clothes are clean, all in one spot, ready for you to change into
  • Headphones are charged and sitting in a designated spot. Preferably next to your clothes
  • Pre-ride snack stocked and in the pantry or with your clothes
  • Your phone is charged
  • You need to bring your drivers license, a credit card for emergencies, your keys and put them your saddle bag during the ride
  • Your bike tool should already be in your saddlebag
  • Pack your “during the ride” snack – if necessary
  • Your bike should be easily accessible
  • Your air pump should be near your bike
  • Your helmet should be close to your bike
  • You should be stretched out, loose

Follow these simple strategies and you’ve set yourself up for a successful, fun and safe bike ride!

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