How to keep your child safe on a bike ride

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Do you want to take your little one on a bike ride, but you’re not sure how to keep them safe?

Worry no more, below is a comprehensive list of children bicycle safety essentials to keep your mind at ease while on a bike ride with your child.

A fun family bike ride is a great way to get out of the house and instill a sense of adventure in your child’s life.

Everyone remembers their first bike ride. It’s summertime, you’re outside with friends. You hop on the saddle for the first time. Your stomach drops. But you fearlessly kick yourself forward, put your feet on the pedals and begin to cycle away.

It’s a moment we never forget.

This article will tell you the essentials your child needs on their bike to ensure maximum safety and make their childhood full of fun, lifelong memories.  


Children’s bicycles

Do you need to buy a bike for your kid?

Here is a great article to help you decide on the bike your kid will need based off age and height.


Make sure the helmet fits snug under the chin. Test the helmet before takeoff to ensure it doesn’t shift on the child’s head too much.

Knee and Elbow pads

Our kids may not be certified pros yet. Give them the extra layer of protection to avoid any boo boo’s.

Bike Reflectors

Every kid’s bike should have these. Sometimes we lose track of time and get caught out after the sun goes down. Being prepared is the best way to avoid problems in the future.

Bike lights

Do you plan to do a night ride in the future? The NITE ride is a great experience every cyclist should do, at any age.

Training wheels

Buying your child’s first bike? Training wheels are sure to be a must have to avoid scratches and bruises!

LED wheel lights

Not needed, but it sure does make a bike stand out!

Bicycle trailer

Is your little one too small to ride their own bike? Get a pull-behind trailer and let them feel the wind in their faces.

Of course proper bike ride safety applies here. Create a lifetime of healthy habits and an adventurous spirit in your child by taking them on a ride with you!

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